About Our Lounge

We have a shared kitchen space and irori (a traditional Japanese fireplace) in our 1st floor lounge, and himono (dried fish) as well as drinks are available for purchase.
From 6pm until 11:30pm, not only our guests but also anyone is welcome to enjoy cooking and using irori together.
We want this lounge to be a place where everyone can gather together, communicate and bond with each other through food.
Furthermore it is our passion to provide our guests opportunities to learn more about our country, and in order to do that we are holding mainly food-related events to showcase what more Japan has to offer.

1층에는 키친과 이로리 있고,건어물이나 지방 음료를 보유하고 있습니다.
18시~ 22시30본 까지는, 숙박자는 물론, 숙박자 아닌 분들도 함께 요리를하거나, 이로리를 둘러싸고 교류를 즐길 수 있습니다.
음식을 통해 일본을 알 수있는 이벤트 등도 실시하고 있습니다.


A spacious shared kitchen

We will introduce the story of the goods and food gathered from around the country.

Cooking Japanese hotpot or grilling fish on the Irori

A place where people connect.

About bringing in food and drinks

Anyone is welcome to bring in outside food, but please refrain from bringing in food that has a high risk of causing food poisoning and/or infectious disease.
If you are only visiting our 1st floor lounge and don’t have a bed reserved, please refrain from bringing in outside drinks also.
Instead, enjoy the drinks that we have gathered from various areas of Japan!
We have local beer, sake, juice, soda, etc.

반입에 관해서재료는 반입하실 수 있지만, 감염이나 식중독의 가능성이있는 것을 반입은 삼가 해주십시오.
숙박 자 이외의 사람 음료의 반입은 삼가 받고 있습니다.
이로리에 있은 맥주와 사케를 즐기실 수 있습니다.

旅客可以一边将烹饪的各国料理分享,员工也可以教旅客制作日本的家庭料理, 通过地炉和厨房能够制造各种各样的交流的契机。

Features of Lounge

①We hold various events to show you what Japan has to offer from a local’s perspective

Some of the events include Japanese cooking workshop, Japanese-style hotpot night that highlights Japanese regional cuisine, etc. Please check our NEWS page and our facebook page to know about our upcoming events.

일본 요리를 가르치는 요리 교실, 각 도도부 현의 명물 냄비를 선보인다 당지 냄비 대회 등 다양한 이벤트를 개최합니다. NEWS 페이지와 Facebook 페이지에서 알려드립니다!


②We will help you travel like a local

Our staff will introduce our recommendations around Nihonbashi and other areas of Japan,
so that you can make your travel plans and enjoy your time in Japan like a local.

로컬 여행 서포트 합니다.


Floor Map